3rd Annual Next Generation Sequencing Data Congress 2015

Over 175 NGS Bioinformatics, Informatics & Data Management experts working in Genomics, Genetics, Metagenomics and Transcriptomics

Over 40 outstanding case studies and presentations

5 interactive streams:

  • NGS Data Analysis: Methods, Platforms And Technologies
  • NGS Data Handling, Storage & Management, And Collaborative Networking
  • NGS Data Tools For Meta’omics
  • NGS Data Tools For Therapeutic Areas
  • NGS Data Tools In Biomarkers, Clinical Development & Diagnostics

    14 pre-scheduled one to one meetings, exhibition and informal networking opportunities

    Oxford Global Conferences are proud to present the 3rd Annual Next Generation Sequencing Data Congress taking place on 15th & 16th June 2015 in London, UK.

    Over two days this meeting will bring together over 175 senior-level decision makers working at the forefront of the next generation sequencing data field in Europe and the US. The conference programme consists of world-class keynote addresses, industry and academic led presentations and panel debates, creating an interactive platform for high-level scientific and business discussion.

    Our panel of data analysis experts will provide an overview of the most innovative methods, platforms and technologies for data analysis, as well as big data handling tools including data storage and data management. Presentations will discuss novel platforms for high throughput sequence analysis, technologies for interpreting transcriptomics data and integrating biological information from different platforms.

    The congress will also explore the application of NGS data tools in biomarkers, clinical development and diagnostics. Do not miss out on hearing the critical strategies in overcoming bottlenecks and data management challenges in metagenomics and various therapeutic areas.

    The event is part of the highly successful Oxford Global Next Generation Sequencing Series. For more information on other events in the series, please see below:

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